Cop5 Plus

The COP series of tobacco recovery plant is ideally suited to manufacturers wishing to avoid any further processing of reclaimed tobacco. Due to its clean, un-degenerated state, without any adulteration from paper or filter fragments, tobacco is immediately available for cigarette manufacture.

The Tingey COP5 plus

has been designed for the maximum recovery of usable tobacco from reject or waste cigarettes at the throughput rate of 400 kgs./hr. And by means of a unique opening method, minimal degradation of the tobacco takes place.

Throughput rate from reject manufacture is approximately 400kg per hour. The unique method of opening each cigarette avoids the use of knives, thus reducing tobacco degradation to a minimum, and eliminating any contamination from shredded filter tips or paper.


The waste cigarettes are loaded into a hopper from which they are lifted by a slatted belt and discharged onto a serrated chute leading to a vibratory conveyor. This conveyor arranges them into end to end lines to form a single layer of cigarettes covering a wetting belt fed by the conveyor.

The cigarettes pass between a compression roller and the wetting belt so that they are dampened along the length of their underside. They then pass between a upper plain roller and a lower grooved roller, which causes them to split along their length. The grooved roller is continuously cleaned by a rotating brush located below it.

A flail roller receives the split cigarettes discharging through the opening rollers and wipes the tobacco free from the papers and filter, all of which then fall though a chute onto a vibratory trough and is then delivered through its open end onto a discharge conveyor which carries it to its collection point.

From the screening conveyor, the papers and filters are conveyed pneumatically via a cyclone to a rotary sieve for their final screening. Recovered tobacco is conveyed to the discharge conveyor whilst the double screened papers and filters are collected at the discharge end of the rotary sieve



The COP5 plus series of tobacco reclamation plant has a robust, welded frame, requiring only a flat floor for free standing installation. Maintenance is of a simple, routine nature, in the main only requiring semi-skilled staff. A central control panel is provided for ease of operation of all electrical equipment.