Tingey and Co. was founded in 1882

As a Blacksmith and Mechanical Engineering business, working for the Godfrey Phillips Tobacco Company.
By the 1920’s Tingey was manufacturing equipment for most of the British Tobacco Companies, including export machinery for BAT.

Progressive changes in product requirements lead to Tingey’s major product developments being concentrated in the tobacco recovery process.

A world-wide reputation for efficient recovery with minimal product degradation has long been established with higher capacity machines now being produced together with a packet opening system.

The technology used has enabled the product to be applied to other areas; in particular the food industry for the recovery of products such as tea bags.
The Tingey range of products is unsurpassed where the emphasis is on quality of recovered material – high recovery rates are recorded on all Tingey machinery.

In 1990 Tingey became a subsidiary of the Betterthanmost Group with renewed emphasis on product performance, quality and people.