Introducing the
Intelligent Pack Opening Machine.

To further the Tingey reputation for excellence in tobacco recovery equipment, we have added to our product range an Intelligent Packet Opening Machine which retrieves the cigarettes from hinged lid or soft packs of all standard lengths at high speed without degradation of the tobacco.

The Tingey Intelligent Pack Opening Machine (l.P.O.M) achieves maximum retrieval of tobacco, separating and dispensing packet waste from whole rod and loose tobacco for recycling .


Throughput of 250 packs per minute
Self cleaning mechanism
Very low power consumption
Very low maintenance costs





The machine has a large capacity stainless steel hopper with an elevator pack delivery band under sensitive electronic level control . Packs are received into an unscrambling section which delivers a stream of orientated packs through a precision cutting station into a high speed pack opener.Click here to see enlarged Foot Print

Opened packs are decelerated through a cyclone into a rotary sieve which separates the cigarettes from the pack wrapping A twin air operated compacting and bagging system is available that is almost silent in operation to clear packaging waste.
To effect continuous running the whole system is designed for simple accurate function without need for change of parts, Maximum flexibility ensures operator friendliness with continuous high speed running within a wide range of hinged lid or soft pack sizes.

The path through the system is short and self cleaning so a change of brand and tobacco can be easily accommodated. Any loose cigarettes with the initial packs are collected and very badly damaged packs are rejected for easy recovery . The system will accept normal corner or pack damage but rejects anything that might cause stoppage through jamming The combination of the Intelligent Pack Opener with COP or Junior Tobacco Reclamation Machines provides a fast system with maximum percentage tobacco strand reclamation whilst maintaining minimum degradation.


The electrical power consumption is very low and designed for international application with minimum change.

All components have been selected for reliability and long life and all of the drives within the unscrambler are controlled by internationally proven invertors all with filters to comply with CE regulations and all have very liberal power ratings.

The system has microprocessor sequencing and simple operator control but everything is designed for intelligent engineering adjustment .

The guarding system includes see through easy to open guards with electrical safety interlock switches.

Everything has been designed as a simple to operate and run system with very low maintenance costs and direct accessibility for cleaning .