Junior Series Recovery Machine

The JC series of tobacco recovery plant is ideally suited to manufacturers wishing to avoid any further processing of reclaimed tobacco. Due to its clean, undegenerated state, without any contamination from paper or filter fragments, tobacco is immediately available for further manufacture.




Reject manufacture is loaded into a hopper – capacity 20kg (JC2) or 25kg (JC3) – and lifted by a slatted elevator belt up to a chute. This feeds a vibrating, aligned conveyor, that ensures that the cigarettes are positioned longitudinally along the belt for correct presentation to the opening head. Here, the waste is lightly compressed between the belt and a v-grooved roller, each crest having tiny serrations on its periphery. This causes the cigarette paper to burst along the fault line without effect on either tobacco or filter. The waste now contacts a rotary bar flail that completes the opening process and the primary separation of the tobacco.

This together with the paper and filters, falls down a chute onto a double-section vibrating screening conveyor. Here the tobacco passes through the screen into a vibrating chute that feeds the tobacco discharge conveyor, while the paper and filters are forced pneumatically into a cyclonic separator to reclaim any small residue of tobacco dust. The cleaned paper and filters are carried by a final vibrating screen conveyor to a suitable container.

An operational rotary sieve can be added to the machine, giving an enhanced tobacco reclaim factor.


The JC Series of tobacco recovery plant uses straightforward, robust construction, requiring no special installation provision other than a flat floor. Routine maintenance can be carried out by semi-skilled staff as all bearings are self lubricating and sealed for life.